Making money from online blogging

Writing a blog is not just a wonderful hobby. It is also an incredible way to make money online. As a matter of fact, hundreds or even thousands of people are resigning from their office job to become a full-time blogger. This is because professional blogging offers a myriad of opportunities that can help you earn a decent amount of steady income.There are several ways of making money from online blogging:


If your blog has a significant amount of traffic and has a good status in major search engines, like Google and Yahoo, you can monetize your site by submitting it to get-paid-to-blog websites. You can earn by writing a short review about a particular company or product and then hyperlink the provided key words to the advertiser’s website.


This is a Google advertising program that lets you make money every time a visitor clicks on the advertisements on your website. Your blog should have thousands of unique hits everyday in order to earn from this money making scheme.


Joining affiliate programs is another way to monetize a blog. You can set up banners of various goods in your blog’s sidebar, or you can mention them in your blog entries. Each product is linked to online stores where readers can directly place their orders. You can earn through commissions and referrals.

Post links

This is a relatively new way to make money from your blog. You just need to set up a code in your blog’s template and then forget about it. Advertisers will write the content for you. You will be paid for each new link plus all the existing links for the month. Although this type of money making strategy is quite new in the market, it’s the most promising income stream. Content will be provided by the sponsors and they will even pay you for writing a guest post in your blog.


Request for donations from avid fans to keep your blog running. However, take note that you can only obtain support from visitors if your blog is useful to them. So make sure to offer relevant articles that readers will find helpful.

Everything said, earning from blogging is really possible. Some people are even earning thousands of dollars every month for doing what they love. While others have actually made this as their online business. They set up blogs, hire people to write for it, then wait for income to pour in at the end of the month. Start a blog today and make money online now.


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