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Gaming and making money

The gaming industry is one field where you can see more wealth and the opportunities to earn are always present. In fact they are touted to be the biggest revenue earners in the century. The two things that have boosted the gaming industry are:

  • Smartphones: They have played a significant role in boosting the gaming industry. Almost all mobile phone users play at least one game a month.
  • In-app purchases: They have contributed significantly to the revenue of the gaming industry. Young and old alike are addicted to the games and do not hesitate to buy apps that will give them an advantage or help in their movement to the next level.

The three ways of earning money in the gaming industry are:

Video game testing

There are several companies that pay you well to test their games. You can start here to gain foothold into the world of gaming.

Leasing server space

Games like Minecraft require a lot of server space and avid gamers often invest heavily in gaming servers. You can turn this into a business opportunity by leasing server space to the users ensuring them that they won’t lose their progress in the game.

Support jobs

Music and voice over acting have a lot of scope in this industry. There is always a demand for original score and voices with different styles and accents. So if you have a creative streak this is where you can earn your money.

A lot has been spoken on how to earn money actively; it is time to earn money passively too. Yes, it is possible.

Earn money passively

To earn money passively you should initially put in a lot of hard work, spend lot of time and invest monetarily to reap the benefits in leisure. A few of the passive income types are:

  • Dividends – This is tried and tested method to earn a tidy residual income when you invest wisely in stocks that are known to give good returns.
  • Real estate – When you rent your property you are ensuring there is monthly flow of income on a steady basis.
  • CDs–Certificate of deposit are low risk low yield investment options which ensure that your money is safe and is not lying idle.
  • Annuities- They can be a source of passive income but a financial advisor will be able to guide you best on how annuities can become a steady source of income.

How to earn money by selling online

Since we have predominantly talked about online ways of making money, there are a few guidelines that you need to keep in mind for online transactions.

  • Register for PayPal account: All online transactions are routed through this electronic payment system.
  • Put up pictures: People remember visual more than text, hence always try to collaborate your goods with appropriate pictures.
  • Honesty pays: Always state all the positives and negatives of the products you sell. This will build a reliable client base that will trust your integrity. And be straightforward in all your dealings.
  • Customer service: Respond to all questions, complaints and concerns.


Earning money was never simpler than in the present times. All you need are passion, discipline and a desire to learn. The options and opportunities are many. But remember earning money is no guarantee to riches if you don’t know how to manage your wealth. Make your money work for you so you have enough for the rainy day. Follow the 10% solution where you keep 10 percent of your earning away in savings or investments. Find out more at zodiac online casino